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Rivers and deltas’, forests, many kilometers of beaches, smaller or bigger bays, lakes, lagoons, saltpans, therapeutic mud baths but also castles, ancient theatres and towns, towers, libraries, museums, galleries, the only Wholly Town worldwide, monasteries, parks, consist the beauty and the history of the perfecture of Etoloakarnania.

We wait to host you and to bring you in contact with all of those beauties by having as a center of your activities the wonderful village of Mitikas. Mitikas is a village  built next to the sea, in the West End of Etoloakrnania and connects the mainland with the sea, the Ionian Sea.

You can visit Mitikas and forget your car for as long as you will stay here, but also you can visit so many places you would never thing that are around. And you can enjoy a huge beach of 4 km starts next to the harbour of the village but also the beaches of the islands that are so close to Mitikas.

And don’t forget the beauties of the winter. Looking at the sea, walking in routes through a virgin nature, fishing for squids and drinking hot tsipouro or tasting hot olive oil by the new production of the year, directly from the distillery. Mitikas is an ideal place to forget everything. We will be waiting of you.



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Mitikas Etoloakarnanias


Mitikas is a quiet, flat and seaside village, that connects the mainland of Etoloakarnania with the Ionian Sea. Visitors that choose Mitikas for holidays or short breaks can enjoy a beach of 4 kilometers, starting inside the village and next to the harbour up to the area of “Lissimos”....